Custom Recessed LED Downlighting for Your Facility

For businesses who want to conserve energy without sacrificing light.  Along with, quality and cost savings.  First, Our recessed downlighting and troffer lighting are the perfect solution for your office.  In addition, LED Lighting offers a 50% – 80% energy savings.  Because, ThinLight creates custom downlight solutions, to help companies maximize the benefits of LED lighting. Without compromising lighting quality or reliability.  Nevertheless, our unique troffer lights use only prismatic lens.  This will enhance light distribution and brightness, not diffusers, they reduce light output by covering up imperfections in the light.  We test for even light color temperature and light quality before putting the ThinLight name on the product.

LED Downlights
LED Downlight By ThinLight Technologies Corp

Custom Recessed Downlighting by ThinLight

In addition to LED light panels.  ThinLight, also tests each custom recessed downlight for longevity when installing in offices, factories and warehouses.  ThinLight has the right lighting solutions to fit each space.  This is important for safety and productivity.  That’s why our downlights have custom colored trim for the right decor in a modular design.  Downlights are available in 4″ & 6″ and come in four trim colors: white, black, copper and brushed nickel.

ThinLights LED downlights is also available in multiple light color and light level options.  Color temperatures available in 3,000k & 4,000k.  Both light temperature options have a 92 CRI (color rendering index) that produces a more natural light in any space.  All ThinLight lighting options are dimmable down to 5% light output and are compatible with most Lutron and Leviton dimmers and Triac controlled dimming.

Easy installation and maintenance

One of the benefits of LED lights is that they have a longer lifespan and therefore require less maintenance.  Less time replacing bulbs than if you used other lighting options.

Next, we think that LED lights should be easy to use from the moment they arrive at your building.  That’s why our recessed downlights are easy to install in any 4-inch or 6-inch recessed light with an Edison plug.  Input voltage is 100-277 Volts AC.  Our troffer lighting is perfect for offices lobbies, residential closets or any space that has a drop ceiling or space for surface mounting.

Years of Safety

In Addition, ThinLight LED Lights have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours of use. Are fully UL & DLC approved with a five-year warranty on every product we sell. ThinLight stands behind all of their products and will replace lights if you have any issues.

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