Satin Silver Snap Frame
Satin Finish Snap Frame

ThinLight Technologies’ Snap Frame, now with UL approval, breathes life into marketing graphics. With its innovative design and UL-certified safety, it provides a secure and reliable solution for illuminating your store, office, waiting room, or facility with stunning backlit graphics. As modernized branding embraces illuminated signs and graphics, the Snap Frame offers an effective way to capture people’s attention and create a lasting impression.

By incorporating LED illuminated graphics, you can enhance your marketing efforts and achieve remarkable results. The captivating illumination not only attracts customers but also helps increase sales and brand awareness. The dynamic and eye-catching nature of these graphics draws people in, making them more likely to engage with your brand and products. Moreover, the use of LED technology ensures energy efficiency and longevity, making it a sustainable choice for your business.

Investing in ThinLight Technologies’ Snap Frame with UL approval means investing in the success of your brand. With its ability to bring your marketing graphics to life and its adherence to rigorous safety standards, you can create a visually appealing environment that inspires customer loyalty and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the power of illuminated signs and graphics to elevate your brand presence and connect with your audience in a memorable way.

Product Characteristics:

Standard Snap Frame Panel Sizes: Up to 4′ x 8′
Large Format Size: 6.5′ x 13.5′
Snap Frame Thickness: ~1″
Snap Frame Covers: 1.5″ Wide
Multiple Color Options Available
Portrait or Landscape Orientation
Customizable Cord Location
LED Color Temperature Options: 2700k – 6500k
LED’s rated to 100,000 hours
3 Year Warranty

Custom LED Snap Frame
Chrome Snap Frame
Chrome Snap Frame with Etched Acrylic St.Pauls Cathedral


In-line Dimmer
On-board Dimmer
Custom Graphic Printing
Graphic Cover Sheet
Hanging Hardware Options
Selective Illumination Technology

Satin Black LED Snap Frame
Satin Black Snap Frame
Satin Black Snap Frame

Selective Illumination Technology

Highlight the features in your graphic that you want to stand out. Utilizing ThinLight’s patented laser etch process and Selective Illumination Technology you can bring out certain features in your artwork. 

The picture is highlighting the lighter features in the artwork and brings to life the frog’s heartbeat rippling in the water.  


led snap frame photo1
Retail display with multiple LED Snap Frames

LED Snap Frame Dimming:

ThinLight offers a power supply that comes with a built-in 0 -10v dimming. This function can be utilized with a Wall Dimmer that has LED 0 – 10v dimming capability, we recommend the Lutron LED 0 – 10v Wall Dimmer. ThinLight carries the dimmer line extension cord needed to wire to the wall switch.

ThinLight also has in-line and 21-step on-board dimming options. 

LED Snap Frames Long Life
Retail advertisement in one of our most popular sizes.

Graphic Cover Sheet

The polycarbonate sheet protects graphics from Public wear and tear. The laser-cut Polycarbonate sheet precisely fits over the illuminated graphic and will hold the graphics flat to the LED Snap Frames, thus, protecting it in public environments.

LED Snap Frame Light Uniformity

ThinLight offers the brightest, most uniform snap frame in the industry. We achieve our brightness and uniformity through ThinLight’s patented laser-etching process, 

Satin Black Snap Frame
60.00" x 80.00" Satin Black Snap Frame
Satin Natural Snap Frame
48.00" x 96.00" Satin Natural Snap Frame
LED Snap Frame & "Avatar" Movie Poster
Stuart Weitzman Snap Frame
36" x 84'' Custom Snap Frame
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