LED Driver 12V 60 Watts
12V 60 Watts


                LED driver is a self contained power supply which regulates the power required for an LED or array of LEDs. The light emitting diodes are low energy, lighting devices with a long lifespan and low energy consumption, therefore the requirement for specialized power supplies.On the other hand, the drivers provide very low voltage. As a result, provides protection to the LED bulbs.

           LED Drivers are either constant current or constant voltage. As a result, Constant Current Driver provide a fixed output current. Similarly, Constant Voltage Driver provides a result of fixed output voltage.

       Furthermore, factors considered includes the power factor, maximum wattage, dimming ability and the compliance with international regulatory standards evenmore to safety.

     Drivers also protect LEDs from voltage or current fluctuations. In addition, A change in voltage could cause a change in the current being supplied to the LEDs. Meanwhile,drivers for even a slight reduction in the voltage leads to a large reduction in light output.The LED brightness can’t be controlled accordingly with low voltage transformers.


      Our 60 Watt LED Driver is UL Listed in the USA and Canada. IP-67 Rated for Wet and Damp Locations. Additionally, manufactured with a metal case for maximum heat dissipation for long life. Furthermore , all connections are water tight. Lastly, potted for maximum life.


On the other hand, all our supplies come standard with universal input voltage. Ranging from 100VAC to 277VAC. Furthermore to protect our customers we offer water tight screw on connectors.

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