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We’re Inventing the Next Generation of LED Lighting:

ThinLight Technologies began selling our products to wholesale light distributors and retail stores in
2010. Since then, we have made a huge impact on the market via our unique
designs, attention to detail, customer service; creating what our customers
want.  ThinLight has been a pioneer in LED technology for retail stores, architectural
indirect lighting, and industrial and general-purpose lighting for warehousing and
office space.  We build LED panels for some of the largest retailers, museums,
airports, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, movie studios, churches, corporate
offices and designer homes in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Latin
America.  We are the largest flexible circuit manufacturer in the Midwest
producing millions of LED circuits for all types of lighting. ThinLight holds
patents for flexible circuitry and LED lighting technology, and consistently provides the best
warranty in the industry.  Our commitment to quality, longevity of design,
and production volume delivers the brightest most evenly lit LED light panels
on the market.  We are obsessed with quality control and fast turn-around,
which is why our LED Light Panel products are made right here in the United States.
All products are UL certified and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Our Mission

ThinLight works to be a steward for the environment by developing low-power LED products and
reducing energy consumption while delivering lighting products that enhance
our customer’s businesses or homes. Our commitment to producing LED products built for
longevity and efficiency makes for a “Greener” World.


Advantages of Working with ThinLight Technologies

  •  MADE IN AMERICA — Our light panel products are
    manufactured and assembled entirely in the USA. We start with high-quality
    LEDs, design our own flexible circuits, machine cut aluminum frames, and
    assemble the entire product in-house.

          QUALITY OF LIGHT — Our patented processes allow us to
deliver the highest quality of illumination in terms of uniformity and

          ENERGY EFFICIENCY — Our LED products consume
considerably less energy and are rated to outlast every conventional lighting

          INDUSTRY-LEADING WARRANTY — ThinLight power is 5-years and LED Panels
are 3-years, best in the industry

Top 10 Reasons to Use ThinLight Technologies:

First and foremost, you want an LED light panel with consistent lighting from corner to corner.  Compare ThinLight construction to your current vendor see the difference evenly lit illumination can make on your  graphic, even in the center with no shadows or banding.


     The color temperature of each light panel dictates the color of light displayed and the brightness of the graphic. Look for a light source that is near pure white with a slight tinge of blue to increase brightness perception of the graphic.  

Light Temperature

Where product is built can have serious implications on production time and quality.  Before you decide on buying, make sure you know where all the parts are being sourced and what type of quality you get for your money.  Your clients expect the best.  Buy from the only LED Light Panel Company in the USA that produces products from the raw materials.


The LED rating is a key indicator of how long the LED light panel will last.  ThinLight LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours,that about 11 years of continuous use.  Be sure to ask your vendor’s along with the warranty program.  ThinLight has a 3-years on the LED panel and a 5-years on our power source.


Especially in a retail environment, it’s crucial that your frame stay comfortable to the touch.  Heat is the quickest killer of any LED circuit.  ThinLight uses thicker extrusions to dissipate the heat from the LED make the frame cool to the touch. Ask each vendor how their frame is constructed to diffuse heat, and if they have conducted their heat management tests.  Ask for a specification sheet or heat measurements as LEDs get very hot to the touch if not properly diffused.


Safety is key!  No matter what frame you choose, check to be sure it is durable,easy to mount on a wall or to change graphics.  You want each light panel to last. ThinLight builds strong and durable metal frames that last for decades.


Ease-of-use is very important, especially if you plan to change your promotional messages often.  Ask about changing graphics to make sure it is not a lot of fuss.  This will increase compliance and save valuable time. 
Replacing graphics can be done with ThinLight products in less than one minute. 

Brightness is affected by a number of factors, including light loss around frame, reflective backer and types of acrylic panels.  Ask your supplier to describe these features in depth and how they contribute to your frame’s brightness level. ThinLight only uses the best optical grade acrylic on the market, we have a 90% reflective backer and we block out the seams of the frame to ensure no light leaks occur.


The retail world is ever changing, and the location of your frame isn’t always going to be the wall.  If you have a unique placement, such as a fixture, make sure your frame is equipped with the proper mounting equipment.  ThinLight drills holes in our snap frame every 8” to be sure that we can find a wall stud whether the building has 16 or 24” on center studs.

Sometimes standard options just will not work.  Make sure your vendor can accommodate odd or large sizes, wire management requests, and custom mounting needs. ThinLight customizes all of our panels to our customers request. Many times standard sizes do not work because the customer is fitting a light panel into a fixture or lighting up an entire wall.  We work with our customer’s to deliver the best solution by offering design suggestions the frame, power cords or the diffusive materials.

LED Snap Frame
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