LED Linear Light

LED Linear Light

LED linear lighting is simply the use of many LEDs. LEDs are packed together in long, narrow housing to create a strip of lights. Before the concept of LED lighting, long spaces such as offices, warehouses and retail markers are comparatively difficult.

LED benefits are long life span, energy efficiency, ecologically friendly. In addition, to LEDs have durable quality, zero uv emissions, design flexibility, low voltage and so on. In photography and videos LED plays important place. As a result, people without having any worry about heat uncomfortable  and for reheating. Secondly, sometimes it can be replace in the place of flash.

Moreover, LED linear lighting used for offices. Moreover, in trendy  concepts as it is simple and very effective. As a result, fittings of the linear light are chosen according to the need of work and space. 

ThinLight’s high quality LED linear lights are designed for use in supermarkets, retail, and other commercial buildings.

SIx Lens Options

  1.  Sharp Angle Lens- For tight spaces in warehouses, supermarkets, and parking garages.
  2. Double Asymmetric Angle Lens- For suspended applications such as above shelving.
  3. L/R Asymmetric Angle Lens- Displays against a wall in retail shops or museums.
  4. Flat Angle Lens- For open areas such as conference rooms, hallways, or workshops. 
  5. Narrow Angle Lens- For limited corridor space areas in offices, hospitals, or clinics. 
  6. Frosted Lens- For open areas such as conference rooms, warehouses, or workshops.

Product Specifications/Features

  1. White aluminum housing (black or silver finish optional).
  2. Hot-swappable fixture components allowing you to create the perfect light distribution for any space and easily adjust as needed.
  3. Service Life= +50,000 hours (UL & DLC Premium)
  4. 5 year warranty
  5. Available in 40, 65, and 80 watt fixtures.
  6. Lumen Efficiency-160lm/W
  7. Protection Rating: IP20
  8. Temperature range: -30°— +40° C
  9. Optional: Emergency battery backup, motion sensor, hanging or surface mount accessories.

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