LED Linear Light

ThinLight’s high quality linear LED lights are designed for use in supermarkets, retail, and other commercial buildings. Uniquely designed with special optics, there are 6 different lens options for this light. 

  1.  Sharp Angle Lens- For tight spaces in warehouses, supermarkets, and parking garages.
  2. Double Asymmetric Angle Lens- For suspended applications such as above shelving.
  3. L/R Asymmetric Angle Lens- Displays against a wall in retail shops or museums.
  4. Flat Angle Lens- For open areas such as conference rooms, hallways, or workshops. 
  5. Narrow Angle Lens- For limited corridor space areas in offices, hospitals, or clinics. 
  6. Frosted Lens- For open areas such as conference rooms, warehouses, or workshops.

Product Specifications /Features

-White aluminum housing (black or silver finish optional). 

-Hot-swappable fixture components allowing you to create the perfect light distribution for any space and easily adjust as needed. 

-Service Life= +50,000 hours (UL & DLC Premium)

-5 year warranty 

-Available in 40, 65, and 80 watt fixtures.

-Lumen Efficiency-160lm/W

-Protection Rating: IP20

-Temperature range: -30°— +40° C

-Optional: Emergency battery backup, motion sensor, hanging or surface mount accessories.

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