ThinLight Custom Light Panels (Made in the USA)

LED light technology continues to be used for all types of applications, as a result companies are benefit from LED light panels by showcasing graphics or to backlight translucent materials such as stone, glass or acrylic. Importantly, there is only one company like ThinLight, we are manufacturing  the LED strip, laser etch the acrylic, machine the metal frame, design our own LED Driver and build LED panels that fit spaces up to 5’x10’ in one sheet of acrylic.  Moreover,if longer panels are needed we also design lengths of 30’ or more, usually fitting in one frame. 

Consequently what makes your project unique – maybe it’s the size, shape, or you need the perfect color for a front window – the team at ThinLight will work with you to create a custom LED light panel specific to your requirements and  above all, we do it in competitive price.  Our LED light panels’ laser etched acrylic dots are circular in design as opposed to squares, lines or triangles that create shadows and diminish the look of a backlit graphic, stone, or colored glass with dark spots.  Each ThinLight light panel is covered with an acrylic sheet used as the light guide. However Unlike glass, acrylic has virtually no glare and can be etched with small circles to create an even light. As a result,a graphic will be visible in any light, even in sunlight. Similarly acrylic is also lighter than glass, it can be used to build much larger light panels like 5’x10’ or larger and allows for easier installation. 

ThinLight builds light panels for some of the largest companies in North America including some of the biggest retailers, stadiums, hotels and in addition museums,airports and the movie studios.  ThinLight  produce the best light therefore, customers buy from us. In addition, most evenly lit panels, the longest life LEDs (3000k – 6000k), including RGB (Colored) and can build fresh LED strips of most color temps in-house resulting in faster ship times.

Custom-Size LED Light Panel Applications:

  • – Illuminated Bars, Islands, Countertops and Walls
  • – Backlight Glass Walls or stain glass
  • – Illuminated Stone
  • – Backlit Graphics
  • – Tradeshow Displays
  • – Tradeshow Illuminated Floors
  • – Fabric Frames for backlighting graphics
  • – Variety of shapes from octagon to trapezoid to fit any space
  • And much more…


Custom Size LED Light Panel Features:

  • – Available in custom sizes and shapes
  • – Slim (.5” to .75” light panels, 1” thick for snap frames, & 2” thick for double-sided snap frames)
  • – Laser dotting technology
  • – Optical Grade Acrylic for a clear light and no shadowing
  • – Pull-resistant design wiring
  • – Custom temperature options (2700-6500K & RGB or RGBW Color Panels)
  • – High brightness, using optical grade acrylic for clearer lensing
  • – Longest LED life-span on the market (50,000 for RGB & 100,000 hours for White LEDs)
  • – Energy saving and maintenance free (70% energy savings over traditional lighting)
  • – Even and stable light quality; light panels used by some of the most demanding companies such as Apple, Disney & Sony Studios
  • – Advanced 3-year warranty on all light panels and 5-year warranty on all LED Drivers with 0-10v dimmers
  • – Light panels are fully dimmable, can be used with DMX Controllers, Lutron Wall Dimmers as well as many more devices

Same Reliable Warranty

ThinLight is confident and proud of the quality of our products and so always stands behind our work.  

As a conclusion,We offer a 3-year warranty on our LED Light Panels and a 5-year warranty for our LED Drivers.  

Backlit Stone in Private Home
Shaped Panel for Custom Length LED Graphic
backlit stain glass 2
Stained Glass Courtesy of "Alex Glass Designs"
winery backlit stain glass
Stained Glass Courtesy of "Alex Glass Designs"

We invite you to contact us to discuss your next projects LED Light Panel requirements with one of our engineers. As a custom LED light manufacturer, ThinLight Technologies will do everything possible to give our customers exactly what they’re looking for. We can laser-cut LED panels of any size and machine aluminum to create a perfectly uniform frame. If you would like to get a quote or more information on a custom LED lighting project, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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