Reliable LED Light Panels

Reliable LED light panels play a huge role in displaying your graphic. Each light panel produced at Thinlight undergoes a rigorous testing process before they are set to customers to ensure Thinlight’s high standards are met.Reliable LED Light Panel

Thinlight’s Reliable LED Light Panels

Image you open your eyes to complete darkness. You blink a couple of times, but the darkness persistently remains. Nearby, you can hear heavy objects being moved and a radio playing. Every few seconds, everything is drowned out by the sound of metal slicing through metal.

Sounds like the latest horror flick, doesn’t it? It’s actually Thinlight’s dark room where each and every LED light panel is tested for scratches and imperfections.

The Process

The soft nature of the acrylic backing used in Thinlight products allows engineers to easily etch small dots in the acrylic with a laser. Each dot is made of tiny dashes that transmit and disperse the LED light.

Unfortunately, acrylic is also susceptible to scratches if it isn’t handled properly. A scratch in the acrylic portion of an LED light sign disturbs the even distribution of light, and depending on the size of the scratch, can be highly visible through the graphic.

To ensure all Thinlight products are scratch free when they are sent out to customers, engineers place the acrylic panel along the far side of the dark room. They then use a high speed camera to reveal any imperfections. Up to nine images of each panel are taken and carefully reviewed before shipment.

The second step in a reliable LED light panel might remind you more of a natural disaster than a Hollywood film.

The integrity of Thinlight products relies heavily on the strength of the snap frames, especially at the corner joints. Likewise, it is imperative that the adhesive used is holding the LED strips and wiring securely in place. To ensure everything has been correctly measured, cut and assembled, each panel is placed on a vibration table designed specifically for Thinlight light panels. The table heavily vibrates the panel. If anything was going to come loose, it would during this step.

Once Thinlight engineers are satisfied that they have produced another reliable LED light panel, they are carefully wrap each panel and send them out the door.

With Thinlight’s 3-year warranty and comprehensive quality assurance process, you can be sure your Thinlight light panel will light your messages for years to come.


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