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ThinLight Offers USA Made LED Panels

As a leader in LED light panels and signage, Thinlight Technologies is committed to quality and cutting edge technology. As part of this commitment to excellence, Thinlight Technologies’ offers USA made LED panels. In fact, all components in our light panels are made in the United States – 100%. Keeping manufacturing here at home is the best choice for the company and for the United States.

Many manufacturers have been noticing a new trend lately. Gone are the days were the cheapest products were guaranteed to be the best selling. Many consumers are no longer making their decisions based solely on a product’s price tag.

Customers favor goods made in the United States

These days, a customer is just as likely to flip the product over and check the tag on the bottom of the product to see where it was produced before they make their final decision. Customer’s value knowing that their products were made locally and are willing to pay a little more for goods that they know were made fairly.

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By only offering products made in the United States, Thinlight is able to guarantee that their goods are made ethically and fairly.

USA made LED panels with fair and ethical standards

By only using supplies that were produced in the USA, Thinlight is able to confidently offer products that are ethically made right here at home. Thinlight is proud to provide jobs for employees in Lakeville, Minn.  By manufacturing their products in the USA, Thinlight is reducing the distance that their products are shipped. Instead of using fuel and resources to transport their goods long distances, Thinlight’s products are shipped much shorter distances. Saving on fuel usage and reducing emissions and pollution is much for everyone, especially for the environment.

Same commitment to quality

As ThinLight remains committed to keeping all of their products 100 percent made in the United States, they will continue to offer LED light panels with the same high standards of quality that their customers have come to expect.