Top 4 Benefits of LED Lights

The benefits of LED lights make them an easy choice for businesses that want to improve their bottom line.

benefits of LED lights

Every business owner is aware of ways they can improve their bottom line. Choosing energy efficient solutions with a quick return on investment is a good way to reduce costs while helping the environment.
One easy way to reduce energy costs is by switching from filament lighting to LED lights.
For many years, LED lights were expensive and had several problems that made them a poor alternative to more reliable fluorescent and compact fluorescent options. But in recent years, the cost of LED lights has dropped significantly and many of the other issues associated with LED lights have been resolved. They are now available in several light colors and temperatures, have dimming capabilities and have more design options.
Here’s a look at four of the benefits of LED lighting.

Benefits of LED lights #1: Long lifespan

LED light bulbs typically last over 11 years of continuous usage. If you are using a light for eight hours a day, it would be about 20 years before you would have to replace a LED bulb. LEDs also maintain their brightness over their lifespan and don’t dim as they age.

Benefits of LED lights #2: Efficiency

LED lights use between 80% to 90% less power than other traditional lighting and conventional lighting options. Energy efficiency paired with their long lifespan and less maintenance work means companies will see significant energy savings.

Benefits of LED lights #3: Eco-friendly

In addition to using less energy, LED lights don’t contain any toxic material and are 100% recyclable. One LED light bulb uses the same amount of material and production time as 25 incandescent light bulbs.

Benefits of LED lights #4: Durability

Because LED light bulbs are not made of glass, they are more durable than other lighting options. They can withstand more harsh conditions and are a good option for outdoor lighting or areas that maybe be bumped accidentally. They even work well in freezer rooms and iceboxes.

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