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Neutral Density Light Showcases Your Graphic without Shadows

Led Light

Using neutral density light to illuminate your graphic is key in making sure your image is displayed without shadows or bright spots. The team at ThinLight knows that our customers put time, effort and money into creating the perfect graphic for their campaign. Often there is a team of people that have spent hours developing, photographing and refining the image until everything is perfect. The quickest way to put all that hard work to waste is by displaying the finished product with uneven lighting.

Neutral Density Lighting and ThinLight

The placement of the LED light strips around the frame of ThinLight LED light panels produces a neutral density light without shadows or bright spots. ThinLight uses an adhesive to secure the light strips to four or two sides of each light panel, depending on the size of the panel and the lighting needs of the sign. Light is then projected inward across an acrylic panel that has been etched with tiny dots to evenly distribute the light.

The advantage of ThinLight’s patented light panel is that even if one LED light stops projecting light, there will be little to no noticeable difference across the panel. The other lights will more than compensate for the one light that isn’t working.

ThinLight’s same commitment to quality

The quality and integrity of ThinLight’s products is one of their main priorities. Before any sign is sent out the door, the sign undergoes a series to comprehensive quality control tests to ensure that each light panel meets ThinLight’s standards.

Plus, with Thinlight’s warranty, you know that even if something does go wrong, the folks at Thinlight will be there to make it right. Their warranty includes a five-year guarantee on all power supplies included in the sign and a three-year warranty on the sign components.