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Improve Your Message with Layered Graphics

Layered graphics increase your creative options, but finding a frame to hold more than one graphic can be a challenge. Thinlight’s snap frames are made with springs to hold the graphics securely in place – not just one, they are strong enough for two. They secure enough to make it difficult for a passerby to open the frame, and they are tight enough hold up to two layers of graphics without compromising their effectiveness. Just think of the images you could create with the option of adding a second layer and the depth that could be added through shadowing and highlighting created by more than one graphic. Adding a second layer to your LED light panel can double your creative options.

The benefits of layered graphics

Layered graphics in your LED light panel will impact the effectiveness of your message. Add a second layer to your logo to make it appear 3-D, or use layering to create the illusion of movement in your image. Multiple layers of graphics will help your sign really pop and catch attention.

Still the most reliable source of LED lighting

Customers are occasionally concerned that adding a second layer to their LED light sign will reduce the visibility of their sign and make their image darker. However, in spite of adding an extra layer, the LED lights in Thinlight products have no problem illuminating graphics message. By using Thinlight’s patented etching process light is evenly diffused across the panel, resulting in an evenly lit graphic with no shadows or bright spots.

Flash/fade techonolgy

Layered graphics, plus Thinlight’s flash/fade technology gives customers countless options for making their graphic sign unique and memorable.  The flash/fade capabilities allow customers to customize their light panel even further.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Thinlight can help put your message in the best light, contact us.