LED Light Trends

As designers and developers are continuing to pursue new LED light trends for the everyday consumer and their home, more and more options are appearing on the market.

Much has been said about the benefits of using LED lights in home fixtures. LED lights save homeowners on their energy bills, last longer, and have less impact on the environment. But basic home lighting isn’t the only area that LED lights have begun to make an impact. LED lights are incredibly versatile and are beginning to show up in other areas of people’s lives. As LED light trends continue to evolve and advance, consumers can feel good that they are making a smart choice in their lighting needs while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology.

LED light trends

LED light trends and smart homes

Incorporating smart technology into homes and everyday activities is becoming increasingly popular, and it seems like there is an app or gadget that will connect to almost everything to your smartphone or device. From thermostats to video monitors and locks, people can control or monitor their home no matter where they are. Lighting is no exception. Homeowners can control the light levels in their home from afar, or make adjustments to lighting with their phone. This gives people more control over the light levels in their home and gives them greater flexibility with fixture placements.  LED lights can even help connect your lighting with your taste in music – a LED light bulb was recently released that changes color in time with your music.

LED lights and the perfect selfie

Anyone who’s serious about taking great pictures or who wants to look their best in pictures knows that lighting plays a huge role in the final product. We’ve all taken selfies that are mediocre at best because of poor lighting. LED lights are helping improve photos and selfies with their reliability, low heat output, and long-life span. If you want to up your selfie game even further, a new cell phone case was recently released that features front-facing LEDs. The case has LED lights on both the left and right side of the screen that produces high-definition light. The resulting photos are said to have brighter colors, increased contrast and to be more flattering.

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