LED Lights and Workplace Safety

As companies and businesses think about converting their lighting from conventional lighting options to LED light, an important factor to consider is employee safety and comfort. LED lights have been shown to increase workplace safety and wellbeing and to promote a healthier work environment for employees.

While the initially higher cost of LED lights can seem prohibitive, many find that the benefits far outweigh paying more upfront. Plus, with the quick ROI of LED lights, many find that they are quickly able to save money with LED lights.

Switching to LED Lights safety

LED lights increase safety

Upgrading the lighting in a building can enhance workplace safety for employees whether they are working on the production line or in an office. A few of the health and safety benefits of LED lights include:

Reduced falls and workplace hazards

Because LED lights project light multi-directionally and don’t have a beam, they are able to illuminate a wide area. In a workplace, shadowy and dim areas can be hazardous and may cause trips or falls. If an employee is unable to clearly see their environment, they are at risk, especially if they are using heavy machinery or dangerous equipment.

Encourage optional productivity

Ensuring that the lighting in a space is correct and that lights are at their ideal level can help reduce eyestrain and fatigue in the workspace. Is it difficult for employees to efficiently and safely complete their tasks if they are straining to see their work.

Improved emotional well-being

Studies have shown that dimly lit rooms and buildings negatively affect the mental and emotional health of employees over long periods of time. Sick building syndrome and seasonal affective disorder can both be caused by inadequate or low lighting. Providing employees with a comfortably lit space can reduce illnesses and alleviate their symptoms, like depression, low energy, and irritability, are reduced.

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