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Why You Should Be Taking Advantage Of LED Light Panel Backlighting

LED light panel backlighting is a tried and true method of increasing the visibility of your graphic. Since marketers first started using backlighting, the process and technology has evolved tremendously. With the invention of LED lights and LED light panels, backlighting has become more reliable, cost effective and energy efficient. Anyone looking for a marketing platform with a strong visual impact should consider LED light panel backlighting for their message.

What is LED light panel backlighting?

A backlit sign is exactly what it sounds like – a sign or graphic that is illuminated from behind. The effect is often attractive and attention grabbing. Backlit signs are common in shopping malls, airports, skyways, hotels – the list goes on and on.

Digital media has made printing high quality graphics achievable for small to mid-sized businesses. As the cost of backlit panels, specifically backlit LED light panels, continues to decrease, backlit signs are an increasingly viable option for businesses of any size. Any business, convention center, or area where people gather can work perfect for showcasing a well-crafted backlit sign.

Advantages of LED light panel backlighting

Digitally printed graphics paired with LED light panel backlighting give advertisements a boost in visibility and attractiveness. Backlighting a graphic makes images brighter and more eye-catching. Using LED light panels to backlight your graphic only increases these benefits. LED lights have a longer lifespan, which means you’ll be getting more hours of usage for the cost. Plus, their energy efficiency means less of an impact on your energy bill.

LED light panel backlighting with ThinLight

The goal of your advertisement is to get noticed. By backlighting your sign, you know people will be able to see it, day or night. ThinLight specializes in creating LED light panels in a variety of sizes that would be perfect for your graphic. We maintain high standards of quality, and all of our products come with a limited warranty.

You have a message you want to share. Thinlight will make sure people see it.