LED Hospital Lighting Reduce Emergency Room Anxiety

LED Hospital Lighting

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to visit the emergency room after a home improvement injury.  Yes, self-induced!  I was surprised to find out the lighting in ER was ON or OFF.  For my injury,  bright lights made no difference. I did begin to think of patients with migraine headaches, eye injuries, or just being sick. Bright lights increase anxiety.  LED Hospital Lighting reduces emergency recovery room anxiety with flicker-free dimming. 

Looking up at Bright Lights:

In this case imagine laying on your back in the emergency room.  Given that, the sick patient gets to look at flickering, non-dimmable, fluorescent bulb fixture.  If only the lights would dim, so I could rest. Sound familiar? 

Above all, LED Hospital Lighting is a perfect match.  First LED lights are dimmable.  Second this helps in giving the patient the best care possible by setting the lighting to the desired level.  Third, its a win for the medical staff. LED lights are brighter.  Next, dim lights back down for patient care.  Finally, saving energy, improving light output, increasing CRI, and making the management team happy.

Prismatic Lens:

2x4 LED Troffer Light
2×4 LED Light Panel with Prismatic Lens By ThinLight

Most of all, the prismatic lens is vital to light distribution. After all light distribution through a prismatic lens is even.  Thus reducing hot spots to the eyes.  As a result our prismatic lens has a UGR<19.

Power Supply:

By all means, our power supply accepts an input voltage of 100V-277 Volts AC.  Equally important listed for Damp Locations.  In particular, UL listed for the United States and Canada.  Of course 0-10 Volt Dimming.  DLC and FCC certified.  Emergency backup kits available, with a 90 minute backup time.

Light Panel Sizes:

First of all our LED troffer lights are available in 1’x4′, 2’x2′, and 2’x4′ sizes.  Next designed to fit standard grid ceiling.  By all means remove the old fluorescent light fixture, and replace with LED troffer light.  Finally the unit is complete and ready for install.  


LED troffer lights are premium grade.  All sizes come standard with dimming capability, flicker-free, universal voltage, and prismatic lens.

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