Top 5 Benefits of LED High Bay Lighting

There are numerous benefits to using LED high bay lighting in warehouse and office settings. From lower energy usage to a quick ROI, LED lights are an easy choice for businesses looking to upgrade their lighting.

Benefits of LED High Bay Lighting

LED high bay lighting

Energy use

Reduced energy use is one of the number one benefits of transitioning to LED lights in a commercial space. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, regardless of what type of LED light is being used or it’s location. For example, LED lights use half the energy of traditional 400-watt metal halide lighting.

Electric utility rebates

Many electric companies promote the use of energy-efficient options and offer rebates for businesses and consumers that switch to LED lights. Xcel Energy, for example, has a variety of rebate programs, including a program for businesses that use LED lights. More information about Xcel Energy’s programs can be found here and here. Contact your local utility company for more information about rebate programs that your business may qualify for.

Reduced maintenance

LED lights have a general life expectancy of 50,000 usage hours. Of course, light usage varies greatly, but if, for example, a LED light is being used for an average of 10 hours a day, a typical LED light will last over 13.5 years. An increased light bulb lifespan equals less time and money spent on maintenance. Instead of devoting an employee’s hours to replacing bulbs multiple times a year, your employee’s time can be spent completing more productive tasks and projects.

Reliable warranty

Thinlight knows that transitioning to LED usage can be a significant investment for a company – especially for a large warehouse, retail or office spaces. That’s why Thinlight offers a warranty on all of their LED light products. Thinlight believes in the products they sell and wants their customers to feel confident in the products they are buying.

Quick ROI

All the benefits of LED lights are significant, but often it comes down to the bottom line for businesses. The ROI or return on investment is important in any business decision and lighting is no different. Because of their energy efficiency, LED lights offer a quick ROI for businesses. A 25,000 square foot warehouse, for example, should see a six month ROI, depending on usage.

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