How to Convert to LED Lights from Fluorescent

There are many reasons people want to convert to LED lights from fluorescent and other traditional lighting options. With the advancements in LED technology, there are multiple ways a business or individual can convert to LED light.

convert to LED lights

How to convert to LED lights from fluorescent

There are numerous factors that can affect the conversion process as you replace your fluorescent with LED lights. Fortunately, making the switch usually can be accomplished fairly easily. Below are some of the options you have when converting to LED lights.

Keep existing fixture and replace with LED light tubes

Keeping your existing fixtures is obviously less expensive than replacing each lighting unit. LED lights are usually compatible with existing fixtures, and the replacement is often straightforward and simple. If you are keeping your existing fixtures, you have the option of using retrofit LED light tubes or ballast-compatible LED tubes. Retrofit LED lights are cheaper while ballast-compatible LED tubes are compatible with most electronic ballasts without rewiring.

Keep current fixtures and use magnetic LED light strips

If using LED light tubes won’t work in your space or with your fixtures, another option is using magnetic LED light strips in the existing fixtures. LED light strips are still less expensive than replacing the fixtures in a building or warehouse and are easy to adhere to metal fixtures. They can be quickly and easily connected to the included driver and are often brighter than LED light tubes.

Replace troffer or fixture

If you are looking to update the look of your space or if your current fixtures are already in need of replacement, the best option would be selecting new LED-ready fixtures. Updated LED light fixtures can give your space a sleek, modern look and will be easy to maintain in the future.

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