Top Two Reasons to Switch to LED Lights

Making the switch to LED lights helps businesses save money. LED lights have a long lifespan and are energy efficient. These two factors give companies an quick return on investment while improving the bottom line.


Improving the bottom line is a primary concern for many businesses. One cost that is often overlooked is the money spent on energy and lighting in warehouses, factories, or offices. LED lights offer a quick return on investment by reducing energy, labor and replacement costs.

Filament lighting is the popular choice for many. For years, LED lights were more expensive and unreliable. They were a poor alternative to other lighting choices and often left consumers frustrated.

In recent years, LED lights have becoming increasingly reliable while the cost of LED light has continued to decrease. Many of the issues associated with LED lights have been resolved and overall light function has improved. LED lights are now available in a wide range of color temperatures and colors, are able to be dimmed and have many design options.


Reasons to switch to LED lights

1. Lifespan

On average, LED light last 18 to 20 years if they are used an average of eight hours a day. If you are using LED lights continuously, they will last about 11 years. That is much longer than any other lighting option will last. Longer lifespans means less replacement costs and less time spent changing bulbs. In a large facility, both of those factors quickly add up and can become significant savings for a company. Additionally, LED lights don’t fade over time and will maintain their brightness as they age.

2. Efficiency

LED lights use between 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional and conventional lighting options. Businesses can reduce their energy costs without compromising lighting levels or quality. Paired with their longer lifespan, businesses often see significant savings and a quick return on investment when they make the switch to LED lights.

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