LED Office Lights Improve Lighting – 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′

LED Office Lights 

LED Light Panels
LED Light Panel

LED Office Lights by ThinLight Technology.  First of all, premium grade LED Office Light sizes are available in 2’x2, 2’×4′, and 1’×4′.  Also, LED Office Lighting is designed for easy drop-in replacement, of old, obsolete, fluorescent office fixtures.  Furthermore, LED office deigns fit standard false ceiling grid patterns.  In addition, LED Lights come standard with a prismatic light diffuser.  With this, the prismatic lens gives a UGR<19.  Resulting in beautiful bright light, without the bright spots which cause eye strain and headaches.

2x4 LED Troffer Light
2×4 LED Light Panel with Prismatic Lens By ThinLight

LED Light Dimming.

Most of all, LED Office Lights improve the overall quality of light in a room.  Because of their brightness, we recommend a 1-10-volt dimmer.  Finally, one can dim the lights to see the computer screen. Or, dim the lights in a patient recovery room.  And finally, dim the lights in the conference room for presentations.  Not an option for fluorescent lights.

LED Light Panels 2x2
LED Light Panel 2×2 by ThinLight Technologies Corporation

Flicker Free LED Office Light Sizes.

The next amazing thing you will notice with LED Office Lighting is how bright, and modern, your office just became.  Our 2’×4′ LED Light, produces 6,600 lumens of clean, flicker free, light.  Our 2’×2′ light produces 4,500 lumens, and our 1’×4′ Light produces 4,500 lumens of clean, flicker free, light.  “Studies show some individuals are sensitive to this flicker, their perception of these variations in light intensity can adversely affect them”. Those affected by this inherent flickering can experience eye strain, eye discomfort, headaches, and migraines.  Our flicker free LED Office Lights will provide an energy reduction, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Led Light Panel
LED Light Panels in multiple sizes

The final point is, LED Office Light installation is quick and easy.  Electricians remove the obsolete fluorescent tubes, ballast, and fixture.  Then, simply insert the office light in the existing ceiling grid.  All assembly hardware is pre-manufactured on the back of the office light. Simply bend the holding tabs over the existing grid framework, and its done. With new construction, the LED Light will sit on the existing ceiling grid.  Then, lock on with the holding tabs.  Battery back-up is available for locations that need Emergency Back-up lighting.

In conclusion, we have all the certifications needed in the USA, and Canada.  UL Listed. UL Listed for Damp and Dry locations.  DLC 4.0 Certified.  FCC Certified, and RoHS compliant.  You can learn more about our lighting products by visiting one of the following pages:





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