Two-sided LED Light Panels


Two-sided LED light panels give you twice as much area to share your message with the public. They have countless applications from convention centers to retail spaces and are made with the same high quality as all of ThinLight’s products.

The Advantage of Two-sides

Most people are familiar with one-sided, standard LED light boxes, and it’s easy to image your graphic on display inside of one. Standard LED light boxes have become commonplace, and their application can be seen almost everywhere you look.

Two-sided light boxes might be a little less common, but that doesn’t mean they have any less impact. Being able to take advantage of the front and the back of an LED light doubles the amount of space you have to work with and increases the number of eyes that will see your message.

How two-sided LED light panels work

ThinLight’s standard LED light panels are illuminated by thin LED light strips that have been soldered to the frame of the light panel. The light strips project light inward across an acrylic sheet that has been etched with tiny dots to diffuses the light evenly without any dark or bright spots.

By removing the backlighting of traditional light panels and replacing them with LED lights along the sides, ThinLight light panels can easily be customized to allow light to project through the front and the back without any reduction of brightness.

Applications for two-sided light panels

Clients get excited about the possibilities that open up to them with two-sided LED light panels. At conventions, the graphics within a well-placed sign could clearly be visible whether participants are entering or leaving.

A dual-sided light panel is also a great option for indoor areas like shopping centers where a panel could be placed within a wall, similar to a window. Retailers can use the light panel to reach shoppers in the store and as they walk by.

Plus, a two-sided sign means instead of needing two signs, you only need one – and less hassle is always a good thing.

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