High-Quality, Reliable LED Light Panels

Reliable LED Light Panels

The quality of light you use to illuminate your graphic plays a huge role in how successful your campaign or display will be. ThinLight Corp prides itself on manufacturing reliable LED light panels that produce an even, consistent light. Each of their products has a long expected lifespan and is of the highest quality on the market. Our light panels undergo rigorous testing before they are sent to customers to ensure high standards of quality.

Producing Reliable LED Light Panels

ThinLight’s LED light panels use an acrylic backing paired with a polycarbonate cover to protect the acrylic. The soft nature of the acrylic backing makes it easy to work with and manipulate. Unfortunately, acrylic is also prone to scratches through normal wear and tear. Even a small imperfection can be visible through the graphic. Fortunately, the polycarbonate is durable enough to protect your light panel from regular wear and tear, even in high traffic areas.

To ensure that all ThinLight products are scratch free before they leave the production floor, each panel undergoes rigorous quality testing. The acrylic panels are placed in a dark room and then photographed with a high-speed camera to reveal any imperfections. Multiple images are taken and reviewed before the light panel is given the “ok” and sent out the door.

Producing Reliable LED Light Panel Frames

Of course, the quality of the acrylic and polycarbonate panels don’t matter if they aren’t supported by a frame of equal quality. We know that without a sturdy frame, the light panel could quickly deteriorate and fall apart.

The integrity of our light panels relies heavily on the snap frame extrusions, the corner joints, and the adhesive that holds the LED strips and wiring in place.

To make sure all of our frames are of the highest quality, the frames also undergo quality testing before they are shipped. Each panel is placed on a vibration table and vibrated to check for any loose components.

Same Reliable Warranty

ThinLight is confident in the quality of our products and we stand behind them. We offer a limited 3-year warranty and a comprehensive quality assurance process. To learn more about our light panels or to get pricing information contact us today.


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