Curved LED Light Panel

Curved led light panelA curved LED light panel is the best way to show off your graphic from any angle. A standard rectangle snap frame could work, but your marketing campaign or interior design project could shine brighter with 360 degrees of light using a curved LED light panel.

Our LED light panels are thin and flexible and using a proprietary process Thinlight Technologies Corporation has produced a curved frame that can be bent around nearly any surface and still output quality even light. Whether you’re looking for LED lighting for your retail store, or an industry convention, a curved LED light panel will display your message with impact and originality.

Curved LED Light Panel Benefits

Thinlight is known for its reputation of producing reliable LED light panels that are used to showcase graphics around the nation.  ThinLight’s proprietary technique involves etching a clear acrylic panel with tiny dots that help diffuse light evenly across the panel. The acrylic is then carefully bent into the light fixture shape before final assembly. Because of the way light travels around corners, curved panels work best with a narrow width and a gentle curve.

Light Weight LED Sign, Even With All Those Curves

This thin, curved LED light panel creates an illuminated display that is eye-catching and original. Snap frame extrusions are available in ThinLight’s standard color options and are manufactured to perfectly fit the curved LED light panel. The lightweight finish of the panel allows it to be hung from ceilings or wall mounted using minimal mounting materials.

Quality LED Panels Made in the USA

No matter what shape it comes in, you can expect your LED light panel to conform to Thinlight’s high quality standards. Each panel is throughly tested using a rigorous process. Most signs are rated to last up to 10 years or more. The entire manufacturing process is conducted in the USA and our LED panels come with a limited warranty of five-years on all of the power supplies and a three-year warranty LED panels.

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