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Use A Custom LED Light Panel To Get the Size You Need

Custom LED Light Panel

ThinLight LED light panels come in standard sizes ranging from 16 by 20 inches to 144 by 60 inches. We find that range of sizes covers most of our customer’s needs. But what if you need something a little bigger or a little smaller? Or what if you have an idea that could only be executed with a cylinder light panel? Fortunately, we can easily design a custom LED light panel to fit your graphic.

Custom LED light panel sizes

At ThinLight, we know how important having just the right light sign for your space is. Fortunately, our engineers and technicians can easily design custom LED light panels and snap frames for your space. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to produce LED light panels that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Light, durable snap frames

Changing the size of the LED light panel has no effect on the snap frame extrusions. No matter what size they are supporting, ThinLight’s frames remain less than an inch thick. They may be thin, but that doesn’t mean that ThinLight frames compromise on strength. Our snap frames are strong enough to hold multiple layers of graphics securely and are too secure to be easily tampered with.

Our snap frames remain the thinnest heavy duty frame on the market. When the snap frames are paired with the polycarbonate cover used to protect the graphics within the frame, the light panel becomes durable enough to withstand high traffic areas.

Customizable and versatile

No matter what size you need in an LED light panel or what type of frame you have in mind, It’s easy to find a snap frame that is right for your graphic and location. Snap frames are available in five frame colors ranging from satin black to buffed bright pewter.

As with any LED light panel you purchase from ThinLight, you can always expect the same level of customer service and product quality that ThinLight is known for. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s needs whether they need a standard or custom LED light panel.