Use A LED Light Box to Illuminate Your Message

Using a LED light box to illuminate your message makes advertising more reliable, energy efficient and low-maintenance than ever before.

LED light box

When LED lights hit the market in the 1970’s, they were a new technology that promised to change the way homes and businesses were lit. Since then, LED technology has continued to improve and progress, and LED light bulbs are being used in more and more areas. The pioneers of LED lights probably weren’t thinking of advertising uses when they developed the first LED light, but that doesn’t mean that LED lights hasn’t influenced the way people market and share their message. LED light boxes have made illuminated advertising more reliable, energy efficient and low-maintenance than ever before.


Benefits of using a LED light box

No matter how a LED light box is being used, the goal is virtually the same – to share information with a bystander. Whether your graphic celebrates your business’ history, is selling a product, or sharing convention information, LED light box catch people’s eye. LED light boxes illuminate your message and make it easy to see.

And with Thinlight’s rigorous quality control, each LED light box that is shipped is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Features of Thinlight’s LED light boxes

The engineers and technicians that work at Thinlight are proud of the products they produce. Each light box that goes out the door is of the highest quality and features state of the art technology.

Thinlight’s light panels include features like programmable dimming and brightening options and flash/fade technology, allowing customers to play with light and enhance their message. The flash/fade technology creates the illusion of movement in graphics and is programmable through an easy to use control box.

Whether you are using light to highlight sequential graphics or changings the light levels in the entire light box, Thinlight’s products help you make use of light for your message.

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