Top Benefits of Custom Recessed Downlighting

Installing custom recessed downlighting is one of the quickest ways to maximize the benefits of LED lights in a large setting.

LED Downlight Recessed
LED DownLight

Thinlight’s custom recessed downlighting features

In addition to their other products, Thinlight also manufactures custom recessed downlights for warehouses and workspaces.The designers at Thinlight know that having the right lighting to fit a space is important for any company. That’s why they offer downlights with a modular design that come in two different designs and five trim colors: white, black, copper, gold, and brushed nickel.

Thinlight also offers light color and light level options with their lights. Recessed downlighting is available in 3,000k and 4,000k color temperatures with a high color rendering index for a more natural color. Thinlight’s LED downlights also have dimming capabilities to 5% with most Lutron and Leviton dimmers as well as Triac controlled dimming.

LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting option on the market and can save large warehouses and companies thousands in electrical costs. Not only do they use less electricity, they are mercury free and are better for the environment.

Easy to install

We all have better things to spend our time and resources on than changing light bulbs and installing LED lights. That’s why Thinlight’s custom recessed downlighting are all easy to install in any 4 inch by 6 inch recessed light with an Edison plug. They can also be wired directly into AC120V/60Hz.

Safe and reliable for years to come

Thinlight’s LED lights have an average 50,000 hours lifespan – that’s over five years of continuous, energy saving usage. LED lights are also more durable and less prone to breakage than other lighting options. They can withstand the occasional bump without shattering. Thinlight believes in their products so much that they offer a five-year warranty on all of their products.

Thinlight’s custom recessed downlighting are also ETL, Energy Star, and CA Title-24 approved.

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