Architectural LED Downlight Designs Save Energy with Elegance

Architectural LED Downlight Designs Save Energy with Elegance.  LED downlight designs that are as impressive as your home, and save electricity.

Lower Electric Bill

First of all, it’s time to lower your electric bill.  LED bulbs are over four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs while lasting 50 times longer.  By the same token, LED bulbs last six times longer than CFL bulbs, while eliminating Mercury concerns.

Halo Can Installation

Second of all, we designed our lights to fit into the standard Halo Can.  Simply remove the old incandescent bulb or CFL bulb.  Then, screw in the new socket, and insert springs into Halo Can.  Its Fast, Simple, Easy.

Eye Strain

Parents will often tell children not to stare at the sun.  This is good advice, and also applies to LED lights.  Looking at the surface of LED’s can also cause eye strain.  At ThinLight Technologies, we have elected to create an aluminum bezel to push the LED’s into the Halo Can.  This will eliminate the LED’s from being flush mount, and reduce eye strain by placing the LED’s out of sight.  The LED’s are not seen, but the lumen output is.

Trim Bezels

Achieving elegance with deep draw bezels.  This trim kit comes in many colors to fit the Architectural Design of your home.  White, Black, Silver, Pewter, and Gold are our standard colors.  Simply spin on the trim of your choice, or change later.   We also have round and square options.  Our trim kits are manufactured with aluminum.  This gives a trim that does not warp over time, or change colors due to heat.


Now that you have the hot spots out of your eyes, go flicker free.  Studies show flicker free lighting will reduce migraines by 80%, and reduce anxiety.  Flicker free LED lights are slightly more expensive due to higher end capacitors, but well worth the investment.  LED Lights are designed for 50,000 hours.    That’s a lot of years of flicker and headaches!

LED Downlights by ThinLight Technologies.

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