The Benifits of Modular Led Light Panels


Modular LED light panels harness ThinLight’s innovative technology to allow for more options to showcase your graphics in the best light. From larger custom sizes to sequential lighting, modular frames give you more creativity and flexibility to make your light panel do what you need it to to make your graphic stand out and grab people’s attention.

ThinLight LED light panels can be manufactured to be modular, allowing customers to connect multiple light panels to form a long rectangle or other shape with their panels.

Modular LED light panels and flash/fade technology

Customers can take full advantage of ThinLight’s flash/fade technology with modular LED light panels. By connecting multiple LED light panels, customers can customize the light levels for each panel, and set the lighting to change for each panel indivudually. Customers often use the lighting options to sequentially highlight each module create a storyboard style display.

Modular LED light panels and custom sizes

Modular LED light panels can also be connected to create larger custom sizes that are more durable and easier to handle than standard sizes. Panels are linked together to create a design that will fit any space you have in mind and to accommodate any combination of graphics.

Modular LED light panels and snap frames

Modular light panels use the same snap frame extrusion as ThinLIght’s standard light panels so you can be sure you light panels will be of the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from ThinLight. Snap frames are available in a range of neutral colors including buffed bright black, satin black, buffed brite natural, satin natural, and buffed bright pewter and add a subtle decorative frame around your message. ThinLight’s snap frames are some of the thinnest on the market and practically lay flat on the wall. Yet they remain strong enough to hold multiple layers of graphics securely.

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