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Modular LED Light Panels

flash fade LED light panel

Modular LED light panels attract customers’ attention and help them notice your graphics.  In fact, our eyes are subconsciously drawn to TVs and other lit screens all the time. Have you ever found yourself watching a TV show while you were in a doctor’s waiting room or even while pumping gas? No matter what the advertisement or show is about, for some reason, you can’t look away. That’s because the human eye is drawn to movement and changes in light.

Modular LED light panels offer more options

Modular LED light panels take advantage the natural pull toward movement and light to draw customer attention to your message. ThinLight’s flash/fade technology allows you to program your modular panels for a custom LED light design. To achieve a sequential look, multiple light panels are typically lined up and are used to feature a storyboard of graphics.

Modular light panels give you more options to showcase your message and they lengthen the width of your design space. Thinlight has designed the perfect modular light panel so you can link a set of panels together and create a design to fit any space and accommodate any combination of graphics.

Snap frames hold graphics tight

Modular light panels also make use of ThinLight’s snap frames to hold the graphics securely in place. Snap frames are available in five standard colors: buffed bright black, satin black, buffed bright natural, satin natural, and buffed bright pewter. Not only do the snap frames keep your graphics secure and in place, they also act as subtle, decorative frames. ThinLight’s snap frame extrusions are one of the thinnest heavy-duty frames on the market. At less than one inch deep, their snap frames practically lay flat on the wall.