LED SNAP FRAME 8 Years Strong

LED SNAP FRAME 8 Years Strong

LED Snap Frames Long Life
LED Snap Frame 24/7 after 8 years

LED Snap Frame after 8 years:

Wow – LED Snap Frame 8 years strong!! Its hard to believe after 8 years of 24/7 illumination, ThinLight Technologies Corporation LED Snap Frame is performing to specifications.  At this time, 100% of LED’s are producing light to specification.  

LED Snap Frame after 70,000 Hrs.

To illustrate, the LED Snap Frame shown in photo was manufactured by ThinLight Technologies Corporation 8 years ago.  The LED Snap Frame has now logged more than 70,000 hours of illuminated power on time.  The secret to long life is keeping the LED’s cool, soldering all wire connections, manufacturing with High End LED’s, and having a UV stable acrylic.  We manufacture custom sizes for your LED Snap Frame application.

LED Snap Frame Power Supply:

Our power supplies are class P rated.  The most efficient, longest lasting power supplies in the industry.  UL Listed, and IP 65 rated.  Water tight connectors come standard on our power supplies.

LED Snap Frame Dimming:

By the same token, dimming as a standard to our LED Snap Frame.  Being the brightest in the industry, some locations could require a softer light.  Built in dimming gives all customers the perfect lumen output per application.



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