Commercial LED Light Panels, 5 Great Uses

LED light panels are commonly used for marketing messages in airports, malls and retail stores. Recent advances in technology have opened the door to a new line of LED lighting products for commercial spaces. Commercial LED light panels are perfect for large spaces. Their durability, energy efficiency and long life span make them the best choice over fluorescents and traditionally lighted signs.

Thinlight Corporation builds reliable LED light panels. Each LED light panel is designed and assembled in the United States to ensure the fastest lead times and the highest quality. Thinlight proudly manufactures the largest commercial LED light panel on the market. Here’s a list of 5 spaces where large format LED signs are commonly used:

1. Commercial LED light panels are used at conventions and in trade show booths

LED Light panel Trade Show
LED light panels attract attention.

Distinguish your business at the next trade show or convention. LED light panels display graphics in an even, bright light and make your message highly visible. Capture attention with a large eye-catching illuminated graphic.

2. LED signs for airports

airport LED light panel
Commercial LED light panels are frequently used in airports to display advertisements and airport information.

Airports are high traffic places. Give your messages high visibility by backlighting your advertisement with a commercial LED light panel.

3. Malls are a great place for large illuminated messaging

LED light panel mall hallway
LED light panels illuminate graphics in mall hallways.

The hustle and bustle of malls can make it challenging to catch people’s attention with your message. Commercial LED light panels feature programmable flash/fade technology that dims and brightens to capture attention. Our LED Light panels can be custom built to any size, big or small we can design an LED sign that is right for your space.

4. LED light panels in retail stores

stuart weitzman led light panel
LED light panels also work well on the store room floor, showcasing products and promotions.

Getting a customer into your store is only half the battle. Show them just how good your product can look by accenting your space with a commercial LED light panel. With five different frame colors to choose from, your light panel is guaranteed to match the style of your store. ThinLight also manufactures a two-sided LED light panel to give you more versatility displaying graphics.

5. Light panels in skyways

skyway LED light panel
ThinLight LED light panels are durable enough for high traffic areas like skyways.

Skyways are popular in northern cities where the harsh climates often keep people indoors. Illuminated LED light panels are the perfect solution for backlit maps and informational signage. ThinLight light panels won’t show bumps or scratches.  They are durable enough to withstand heavy traffic areas.

Even more spaces to use commercial LED light panels

These are just a couple of commercial applications for LED light panels. There are literally hundreds of more ways companies are using LED light panels. Contact Thinlight if you are interested in learning more about high efficiency LED replacements for troffer lighting or other industrial fixtures.

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