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LED Light In Design

Led Floor Light

The demand for quality LED light design for interior projects is on the rise. Store shelves can’t seem to stock their unique LED lighting fixtures fast enough.  LEDs are more energy efficient and more cost effective than traditional lighting options. They have a longer lifespan and create less light pollution and emissions.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can use LED light in your next interior design project.

Recessed LED fittings

Because of their longer lifespan, LED lights are an ideal option for recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can be hard to reach and it can be even harder to change the light bulbs. LED lights will require less maintenance and less replacement over time, which means you won’t be pulling out the ladder every couple of months.


LED lights can have a huge visual impact in kitchens, especially if you spend a lot of time there entertaining and preparing food. LED lights installed under kitchen cabinets or above counter tops to provide essential light in food preparation areas. On the underside of wall mounted cabinets an accented LED light design can add visual interest and ensure a well lit kitchen. Another option in the kitchen is installing LED light strips at ankle height under mounted units, illuminating the floor. Both of these options also provide an energy efficient source of low light that is ideal for late night trips to the kitchen.

Dressing Rooms

A few LED lights in wardrobes or walk-in closet can put your clothes in a whole new light. LED lights are higher on the color rendering index and produce a light that makes colors brighter and more vibrant. Because of the versatility in LED light bulb types, there are options for virtually any closet space. Choose from circular bulbs to LED light strips or other LED light fixtures and try installing them on clothing rods or mounting them in the back of your closet.