LED High Bay Light by ThinLight Technologies Corporation

LED High Bay Light

First of all, LED High Bay Lights sell as a complete unit. As I have said, LED lights are ready for installation. Equally important, polycarbonate hood for eye protection comes standard. Of course, the 120-degree polycarbonate cone diffuses the light. Manufactured with Meanwell™ power supply. Philips™ high efficiency 130 Lumen per Watt LEDs. Microwave motion sensor. UL- Listed USA and Canada, IP-65 Certified, and DLC 4.0 certified.


Equally important, LED High Bay lights UL Listed in USA and Canada. Of course, IP-65 rated. Similarly, we are DLC 4.0 certified for all rebates. By all means, universal AC input voltage of 100V – 277v AC to fit all industrial applications.

LED Light Output

To clarify our LED light output is 26,000 lumens consuming 200 Watts. We use high-end Philips™ LEDs for long life. What’s more, our system efficacy is 130 Lumens/Watt. This high efficiency makes us rebate approved. As well as, DLC 4.0. For a 50,000-hour life.

Motion Activated

Additionally, microwave motion sensor comes standard on LED High Bay Light. Furthermore, switch settings allow for programmed ON times with motion. Microwave motion shuts off light with no activity. In other words, fixture turning off will maximize energy savings

LED Light Spacing

Did you know, ThinLight Technology can do lighting diagrams for proper LED Light Spacing? Given that, a typical installation will be 12 feet spacing for manufacturing space. Similarly, 14 foot spacing for warehouse depending on ceiling height. Customers typically comment on 2x or greater lux improvement over conventional bulbs.

UL Listing

To conclude, LED High Bay Lights are UL Listed in USA and Canada. Also, LED High Bay is IP-65 Rated. Lastly, other certifications include CUL, DLC 4.0, TUV, CE, CB, RCM, GS, and RoHS.






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