LED Light Panels Show True Colors of Graphics

Curved LED Light Panel
As LED technology has improved, it has moved from simply being functional to being an aesthetically pleasing choice for light panels and backlit signs. LED lights are now available in light colors that display the true colors of objects and graphics. With LED light panels especially it is important to display graphics in their true colors, without allowing any part of the light panel to detract from the image.

ThinLight uses a dual layer approach to ensure clarity and durability in all of their products. Polycarbonate is placed on the exterior as a protective player and a layer of acrylic is placed between the polycarbonate and the graphic to distribute the LED light evenly. Neither layer has any effect on the color of the LED light or on the colors of the image.

ThinLight products are often used to display graphics and photographs. The brightness and clarity of ThinLight’s LED light panels make them ideal for displaying deep bright colors.

Advantage of acrylic in LED light panels

Acyrlic is a softer material that makes it ideal for manipulation and etching. To project the light emanating from the LED light strips in the frame of each light panel, tiny dots are etched at even intervals across the panel.

Advantage of polycarbonate in LED light panels

While acrylic is a softer material, polycarbonate is durable and much more resistant to chipping and scratches. The polycarbonate layer increases the application options of ThinLight’s light panels and makes them durable enough for high traffic areas.

Both acrylic and polycarbonate are known for their high clarity and long lifespan. They are weather resistant and can expand and won’t have any permanent shrinkage with temperature changes. Both materials can also be manipulated and shaped to cover curved applications.

ThinLight’s same commitment to quality

The quality and integrity of ThinLight’s products is one of their main priorities. Before any sign is sent out the door, the sign undergoes a series to comprehensive quality control tests to ensure that each light panel meets ThinLight’s standards.

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