LED High Bay Light Improves Safety

LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light History

Metal-Halide lamps have been an essential part of lighting history.  Until now, Lighting up our factories, and streets for decades.  We all grew up with them, so why should I change to LED High Bay Lights?

Safety Warning from Metal-Halide Manufacturer

First,  Metal-Halide lamps have a 20,000-hour life.  Next, the Metal-Halide manufacturer recommends to change the bulb at ½ life.  Even more, inspect fixtures and bulbs periodically per the Safety warnings.  Most noteworthy, replace the bulb with signs of scratches, cracks, or damage.  Have you seen your Facility Manager inspecting for this lately?

Indeed, Metal-Halide lamps can cause severe skin burn.   Above all, shortwave ultraviolet radiation causes eye irritation.  Certainly, in the event the outer envelope of the light is broken or punctured.  Although, manufacturers do comply with the FDA radiation performance standard 21 CFR subchapter J.

In addition, arc-tube metal halide lamps designed to operate under high pressure. To clarify, with bulb temperature up to 1,000C.   As a result, bulbs can unexpectedly rupture due to internal or external factors such as ballast failure, or misapplication.  As a result, Warning:  Replace fixtures at or before the end of rated life.  Finally, the Metal-Halide bulb converts only 25% of the electrical energy into light.  For that reason, 75% electrical energy waste is in heat.  Finally, startup times for Metal-Halide lamps are between 5-15 minutes or even longer if a cool down is required.  In conclusion, safety is improved with LED High Bay Light.

Improve Lighting Safety – LED High Bay Light by ThinLight Technologies Corporation.

First, LED High Bay Lighting Technology has improved by strides over the past few years.  Next, LED High Bay Light by ThinLight Technology Corporation, give off 26,000 Lumens of light.  Consuming only 200 Watts of electricity.   Finally, our LED High Bay Light come complete with Microwave Motion Sensor, and Polycarbonate Hood.  By all means, we have a universal voltage input from 100V AC to 200V AC.


Indeed LED High Bay Lights have all the ratings.  Of course, UL Approved in US and Canada.  IP 65 Rated.  In addition, DLC approved, so all the electrical rebates apply.  Even more, RoHS compliant, meeting the latest standards in PCB Technology.


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