Frame your Graphics with Thinlight’s Snap Frame Extrusions

Changing out the graphics in your light panel or display board shouldn’t be difficult. We all have enough things going on that dealing with a panel or display board that is anything less that simple to use isn’t worth your time. Thinlight prides itself at making LED light panels with snap frame extrusions that are easy enough for anyone to use.

snap frame

How to use Thinlight’s snap frames

With Thinlight’s LED panel snap frames, replacing your old graphic is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Open your snap frame, either by hand or with the special tool included in your Thinlight purchase
  2. Remove your old graphic
  3. Insert your new graphic

Snap frames that will last

All of Thinlight’s LED light panels use snap frame extrusions to hold up to two layers of graphics securely in place using strong springs in the frame. The springs used are customizable depending on the needs of the environment where the light panel will be placed. In office settings, it is common to use lighter springs to allow for each access to the graphics. In higher traffic areas where there is a greater chance that the graphic will be tampered with, stronger springs making it virtually impossible to open without a special tool.

Each snap frame is less than an inch thick and sits almost flat against the wall. They are also some of the lightest on the market and weigh only 2.5 pounds per square foot.

Finding the right snap frame

Snap frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles. We know that different spaces have different design themes. That’s why our snap frames are available in five different colors: buffed bright black, satin black, buffed bright natural, satin natural, and buffed bright pewter. Likewise, snap frames are available in standard sizes, but at Thinlight, we can also make custom sizes to fit any graphic or space you have in mind.

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