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Neutral Density LED Light

Neutral Density LED Light

After spending money and time designing the perfect graphic for your next project, the last thing you want are shadows or bright spots on your sign that obstruct your message. Ensuring your graphic is displayed in neutral density LED light is paramount to your campaign’s success. By using etched acrylic and reliable LED strips, Thinlight is able to build LED light signs that are dependable and energy efficient while providing neutral density LED light for your sign.

How does neutral density LED light work?

All Thinlight products are lit with LED light strips that have been placed in the snap frame extrusions. Typically the light strips are placed on only two sides of the frame although they can be inserted into all four sides depending on the size and lighting needs of the sign. The LED light is then projected inward across the graphic.

To disperse the light, the graphic is covered by an acrylic cover. Acrylic is a softer material that mimics glass but has minimal reflective properties. To disperse the light across the panel and to ensure neutral density LED light, the acrylic is etched with Thinlight’s patented process.

Reliable and Durable

To protect the soft acrylic and to prevent scratches that would appear as bright spots on your graphic, Thinlight signs are covered with a durable polycarbonate cover. The polycarbonate has no visible effect on the appearance of your graphic, but it does ensure that your sign will look just as good on day 100 as it did on day 1.

The quality and integrity of Thinlight’s products is one of their main priorities and before any sign is sent out the door, it is subject to comprehensive quality control testing.

Plus, with Thinlight’s warranty, you know that even if something does go wrong, the folks at Thinlight will be there to make it right. Their warranty includes a five-year guarantee on all power supplies included in the sign and a three-year warranty on the sign components.