CustomThin LED Light Panels

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using thin LED light panels to show off their graphics and messages.

thin LED light panels

As LED light technology continues to be developed, LED light panels are becoming increasingly affordable and cost effective. Thinlight offers a variety of standard thin LED light panels sizes. We also are able to create light panels at virtually any custom size. No matter what size you need to fit your space, we can help you create the display you have in mind.

Custom thin LED light panels

Thinlight specializes in manufacturing LED light panels that lay flat on the wall and are so thin they almost disappear. Thinlight uses their ground-breaking snap frame extrusions that are less than an inch thick.

Thinlight creates LED light panels in standard sizes ranging from 16 x 20 inches all the way up to 144 x 60 inches. For larger light panels, Thinlight uses modular technology by creating multiple light panels that are connected to create a cohesive unit.

Custom sizes of almost any size can also be created to fit a client’s needs.

Reliably display graphics

Each thin LED light panel created by Thinlight contains both an acrylic layer and a polycarbonate layer. The acrylic layer mimics glass and displays graphics flawlessly. There is no glare with acrylic, making the graphic visible in virtually any type of lighting. Acrylic is also significantly lighter than glass and doesn’t make Thinlight’s light panels noticeably heavier.

The polycarbonate layer is placed on top of the acrylic and protects the softer acrylic from bumps and scratches. Polycarbonate is a strong, durable material that prevents light streaks from forming on the surface.

Same Reliable Warranty

ThinLight is confident and proud of the quality of their products and always stands behind their work. They offer a limited 3-year warranty and a comprehensive quality assurance process. To learn more about their light panels or to get pricing information contact them today.

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