Showcasing Your Message in Thin LED Light Panels

Thin LED light panels can sit unobtrusively on the wall while showcasing your message. Light panels of the past have been bulky products that aren’t practical for many settings, but as technology has continued to improve, LED lights have made it possible to create light panels that are so thin, they almost sit flat on the wall.

thin LED light panels

Thin LED Light Panels: Custom sizes and design

Thinlight specializes in making thin LED light panels that are thinner than many picture frames. Without compromising design or function, Thinlight has designed and manufactured one of the thinnest LED light frames on the market.

Thinlight’s light panels come in a range of standard sizes from 16 x 20 inches up to 144 x 60 inches. For larger projects, Thinlight uses modular technology and connects multiple light panels together to create a cohesive unit.

Light panels are also available in custom sizes to fit almost any space or meet any need.

Thin LED Light Panels: Flawless display

The engineers and designers at Thinlight pride themselves on manufacturing thin LED light panels that are sleek and energy efficient. Each light panel includes both an acrylic layer and a polycarbonate layer on top of the graphics. These two layers display graphics without glare in virtually any type of lighting. The acrylic mimics glass and helps disperse light projected by the LED light strips across the panel. The polycarbonate acts a barrier between the acrylic and the rest of the world. It is strong enough to keep the soft acrylic stays free of scratches or marks.

Same Reliable Warranty

ThinLight is confident and proud of the quality of their products and they always stand behind their work. Thinlight offers a limited 3-year warranty and a comprehensive quality assurance process with all of the light panels. To learn more about their light panels or to get pricing information contact them today.

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