Benefits of LED Troffers vs Flourescent Troffers

While LED troffers may be less familiar than their fluorescent counterparts, they offer numerous benefits for companies and businesses looking to help their bottom line while saving energy and improving workplace productivity.

LED Troffers

Fluorescent lighting is the first option many think of when they think of the lighting in doctors’ offices, classrooms, buildings, and workplaces. But there are negative aspects to fluorescent lighting, and many people and business owners are beginning to look for other lighting options. The energy efficiency, consistent lighting and light temperature options of LED lighting make them an ideal option for most settings. Plus, every company likes to know they are saving money while helping the environment.

What are troffers

Troffers are a type of lighting fixture that are set into the ceiling to provide illumination. They are a form of task lighting and are common in commercial buildings. They are often laid out in a grid pattern to create even, consistent lighting in a space. While troffers are often recessed, they can also be installed with a surface mount ceiling box in ceilings that don’t have room for a recessed bay.

LED Troffers vs fluorescent troffers

While fluorescent troffers are still the most common type of office and commercial lighting, they are not the perfect solution. They have a shorter lifespan than LEDs – typically 40,000 hours shorter. For a business, the shorter lifespan of fluorescent lighting will mean more replacement costs and possibly a decrease in productivity. LED lights are also more energy efficient and are a more cost-effective choice, offering a quick ROI.

There is evidence that suggests the glare from fluorescent lighting can lead to eye-strain, headaches, discomfort, and fatigue. All of these problems can impair performance and require employees to take more frequent brakes. LED troffers provide a more comfortable lighting option and can help employees better focus on tasks.

There is also increased design flexibility with LED lights and they can be used to increase the architectural and interior design aspects of a space.

Converting to LED lighting from fluorescent is always an option when you are looking to increase productivity and decrease strain and fatigue in workers. It is also a better option for a company’s bottom line and offers a quick return on investment while helping the environment.

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