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Benefits of LED Lights in the Auto Industry

LED lights in the auto industry are becoming increasingly common in the auto industry.

Many automotive manufacturers are taking advantage of the benefits gained from using LED lights and installing them more and more in vehicles headlights and taillights for safety and design reasons.

No matter what industry you are talking about, the initial cost of LED lights often seems to be a concern when transitioning from incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL lighting to LED lights. However, with the energy savings and long-life span of LED lights, they become a cost effective solution in most situations. The benefits of LED lighting in the automotive industry are equally compelling and make the initial cost of LED lights a worthwhile investment for manufacturers and consumers. Not only are LED lights a more reliable and durable source of light, but because they are digital, the wiring, controls, and the installation process are all easier.

LED lights in the auto industry

Just like in a home or business, LED lights in a vehicle use less energy and produce less heat than other automotive lighting options. The real benefit of using LED lights in vehicles, however, is the safety features that can be paired with the LED lights. In Europe and Asia, LED lights are being installed with cameras to automatically adjust headlights to the needs of the road conditions. This means that the lights on vehicles have more than just high and low beams. For example, in a system offered by Opel, G.M.’s European division, there are nine variations of the beam pattern that can be activated.

LED lights are also smaller than traditional lighting options and manufacturers are putting more bulbs into each headlight. Each bulb can be turned off and on as needed given the road conditions and the amount of oncoming traffic. This technology helps ensure oncoming drivers are never blinded by headlights while at the same time protecting the view of the driver in the vehicle.

Design benefits of LED lights in the auto industry

While the energy savings, durability, color rendering, and digital programmability of LED lights are the primary benefits of using LED lights, auto manufacturers also appreciate the design flexibility that LED lights provide over traditional lighting options. Headlights and taillights can now be designed in a variety of patterns and shapes, allowing designers to create signature looks for their vehicles. Even to an untrained eye, the make and model of a vehicle can be much easier to identify with distinctive lighting shapes.