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Interior LED Light Border

Interior LED Light

Consider including an LED light border in your next interior design project to add a subtle lighting source and to support the feeling you are creating with your design. Whether it’s inset into a tray ceiling, placed along the underside of cabinetry, or installed somewhere else in the room, an LED light border could help create the perfect ambiance.

Many of the same features that make Thinlight products ideal for displaying graphics also make them a great option for interior design projects. Customers are looking for the same reliability, durability and energy efficiency, whether their LED light is placed in a mall, hallway, or in their home.

Tray Ceilings with an LED light border

Tray ceilings, also called inverted or recessed ceilings, add architectural and visual interest to rooms. In tray ceilings, the center section of the ceiling is several inches to several feet higher than the perimeter of the ceiling.

LED light borders are often added to tray ceilings to add a soft light source that is reliable and energy efficient.  Thinlight LED light panels are available in almost any size and are easily customizable for your space.

Adding lighting under cabinets

led bathroom border

Another common use for LED light panels in interior design is under cabinets, especially in kitchens. LED light borders illuminate the countertop surface much more evenly than puck lights, which have more of a spotlight effect. LED light strips create a subtle, even light source that runs the length of the counter and is ideal for adding additional lighting for kitchen prep work or for low lighting in the evenings.

LED light borders are easy to install and can play a large role in the impact of a room. With an 11-year lifespan, a 5-year warranty on all of the power supply components, and a 3-year warranty on the light panel, Thinlight projects will last above and beyond other standard interior lighting sources.