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How To Use LED Lights in Design Projects


Using LED lights in design elements is an ideal way to take advantage of the environmental benefits of LED lights while playing with some of the new features that are available with the advances in LED light technology.

LED lights in design

Often when designing a space there are special factors and requirements that must be accounted for and taken into consideration. Art, for example, is something that has specific lighting needs if it is going to be preserved and enjoyed for years to come. Ultra modern-styled home also often have unique lighting requirements to create the desired ambiance. Fortunately, with the improvement in LED light technology, LED lights are increasingly becoming the best choice for many homes and commercial lighting needs.

Ambiance lighting

While LED lights used to only be available in one lighting color, that isn’t the case anymore. Today, you can find LED lights in white light temperatures ranging from cool sky blue light to warm, yellow ambient light. LED lights are also available in every color in the visual spectrum. Because turning LED lights on and off has no effect on the lifespan of the bulb, they are also a great choice if you want to add any effects with your lighting like changing the colors or adding a pulsing effect.

LED light in design and art

LED lights are preferred for highlighting and showcasing art because they emit significantly less heat than other lighting options. They also don’t produce any ultraviolet or infrared light – two types of light that can be damaging to art.

Track lighting is often a good choice for illuminating and highlighting works of art because it can be directed to specific areas. Many track lighting fixtures are flexible, giving users the ability to move the light beam to the desired area. It is a popular choice for bathrooms, living rooms and any area where focused lighting is needed.

For people who aren’t willing to install permanent lighting for their art, many home goods and hardware stores sell battery-powered lighting fixtures that are designed to attach to a photo frame or canvas.

Lighting Tip: Not sure how bright that accent lighting should be? Most designers recommend that to be effective, accent lighting should be at least three times brighter than the rest of the room.