4 Benefits of High Bay LED Lighting

Warehouse owners and managers have numerous lighting options, but one type is becoming increasingly popular. High bay LED lighting boasts many features that make them a great choice for commercial spaces.

High Bay Lights
LED High Bay Light By: ThinLight Technologies Corporation

LED lights aren’t becoming common in just warehouses. Any space or facility that has high ceilings and requires illumination of 15 feet or more can benefit from LED lights.  Sports arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks and other industrial spaces are all starting to be illuminated by LED lights.

Here’s a closer look at what makes LED lights a better option that others on the market.

Energy Savings of high bay LED lighting

Energy efficiency is often the number one factor for business and companies when they are looking at replacing their lighting, and energy savings is the biggest advantage that high bay LED lighting has over other types of lighting.

LED lights use less power than other lighting styles – significantly less. It isn’t uncommon for facilities to see a drastic reduction in their energy costs, sometimes as much as 80 percent. Even more can be saved if LED lights are paired with smart sensors.

Lifespan and temperature of high bay LED lighting

High bay LED lights last, on average, ten times longer than other lighting options, including CFL and fluorescent lights. They also emit virtually no heat. In addition to having safety advantages, less heat generated means less cooling costs for a facility.

Durability of high bay LED lighting

Not only are high bay LED lights long lasting, they are also incredibly durable. LED lights are close to damage-proof and require very little maintenance over their lifespan.

Light uniformity and sight advantages of high bay LED lighting

LED lights never have the flickering or gradual warm-up that you see in CFL or fluorescent lights. No matter how many times a LED light is turned on, there won’t be any flickering or light level variations.

High bay LED lights also distribute light more evenly than other lighting options. Many notice an increase in light uniformity with LED lights, less light distortion and minimal static buildup.

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