LED Light Boxes – Getting More Eyes On Your Message


Everywhere you look, you can find an LED light boxes showcasing someone’s advertisement or graphic. Illuminated signs are easy to see, and people are noticing them. Customers are using ThinLight’s light boxes to illuminate everything from graphic signs to business’ logos. Also known as LED light panels, LED light boxes are reinforcing people’s messages and taking advantage of cutting edge technology attract customer’s attention. Businesses are also using LED lights to enhance the mood of a space with wall panels or ceiling borders and leveraging lighting to give their brand and message a boost.

Advantages of LED light boxes

The goal of every advertising campaign is virtually the same: to turn a casual bystander into an interested customer. The first step is getting their attention with your message. The features of ThinLight’s LED light boxes will help ensure that your message will grab people’s eye and make them want to know more. ThinLight uses only the highest caliber products in each of their LED light boxes, and they stand behind the quality of their work. Each of their light panels undergoes vigorous quality testing before it is shipped. When your light panel arrives, you can use it confidently without worrying about any flawed or faulty parts.

ThinLight LED Light Box Features

ThinLight engineers and technicians are proud of their products because the high quality of their work and because of all the extra features that their LED light boxes have. With ThinLight’s LED light boxes, you can add the illusion of movement to your graphic signs with flash/fade technology. That same technology can be used to fade and brighten your light panel in programmable rhythm. Whether you are highlighting a progressive sequence or changing the light levels on the entire LED light box, you’ll be drawing more attention to your message.

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