LED Light Applications

When you’re switching from incandescent, fluorescent or CFL lighting to LED lighting, there can be a lot of questions about LED light applications. Fortunately, LED light technology has come a long way and there are few places that can accommodate or be modified to accommodate LED lights.


LED light applications to consider

While there are countless applications for LED lights, there are some areas and situations that need special consideration when you are thinking about installing LED lights, especially if you are installing a new light source.

When you are weighing the benefits of LED light installation, specifically keep these things in mind:

  • Access to wiring
  • Access to the driver, if it isn’t integrated into the LED light
  • Glare minimization and ways to obscure the view of the light source
  • Switch placement, dimming capabilities, or light control type and location

Typically, LED lights can be installed in the same was a traditional lighting source would be installed. In fact, depending on the setting, they may be easier to install as they produce very little heat, require less maintenance, and can be used for spotlight lighting if desired.

Considerations for retrofitting a light source to accommodate LED lights

The majority of light fixtures that have been used with traditional lighting sources in the past will function the same with LED lights. However, because the bulbs are a slightly different shape, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • The size and shape of the holder screw fixing position on the lamp base
  • The size and dimension of the LED light and how it will fit into the new setting
  • The mains voltage, low voltage, control methods, ect of the LED light compared to the previous light bulb used
  • Color temperature and lumen output compared to the previous light source

While most light fixtures will be able to accommodate an LED light without any difficulty, specialty lights or antique lights may need special bulbs. While they are less common, it is often still possible to find the needed specialty bulb in the LED format.

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