LED Illuminated Snap Frame

LED Illuminated Snap Frame

LED Illuminated Snap Frame:

LED Snap Frame brings marketing to life.  Backlit graphics Modernize your store, office, waiting room, or facility with brilliant LED Illuminated graphics. Modern branding always includes illuminated graphics. LED Illuminated signs make you look. Next time you walk by your TV, try not to notice.  Our eyes always notice brighter objects.

The reason top brands use Illuminated graphics in retail is because they increase sales. Increase brand loyalty with LED Snap Frames. Here at ThinLight Technologies, We manufacture custom sizes for LED Illuminated Snap Frames.

Snap Frame Illumination:

Snap Frame Illumination makes advertising graphics easy to read.    After looking at graphics mounted in LED Illuminated Snap Frame, its hard to look at old obsolete graphics.

Our LED Snap Frames are fully dimmable.  we manufacture the brightest LED Illuminated Snap Frame in the industry,  so dimming makes it fit every space. Backlit Graphics make advertising look amazing.

Snap Frame Sizes:

Additionally, Snap Frames come in custom sizes. Our CNC machines can precisely cut snap frame extrusion to a near perfect size every time. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a expert in CAD or drafting. Give us your dimensions over the phone or email, and we will return a CAD drawing for your approval. Our large sizes are 5’x12′ on a single sheet of Acrylic. Granted, we do everything smaller.

Power Supply for LED Frame:

To Conclude, our power supplies are UL Listed, with water tight IP67 rated connections. Granted, you don’t need this type of quality for indoor LED Snap Frames, but it comes standard. In addition, we manufacture with Type P power supplies. Specifically, this is the most power efficient power supply on the market.

Snap Frame Life:

Finally, our Snap Frame is designed for long life. Our standard warranty is 5 years, with a 7 year power supply de-rated to 5 years. Our LED’s are 70,000 Hr. LED’s de-rated to 5 years. Even more, our wire interconnect uses aircraft quality splices. We are not the lowest cost game in town, but we are the highest quality!



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