Custom LED Light Events and Conventions

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Adding a custom LED light sign to your next event or conference can seem like a huge task. Maybe the dimensions of your space aren’t very typical. Maybe there are exterior windows that could cause a glare problem on the sign, or maybe you’ve had problems in the past with inferior light products that produce uneven backlighting and are inefficient and unreliable.

Plus, you want more than just a backlit sign. You want a sign to catch people’s eye and draw their attention.

Custom LED Light + Reliable + Energy Efficient

At Thinlight, creating custom LED light panels to display graphics is what we do – and we do it well. Our LED light panels are available in standard sizes that range from 16 x 20 inches all the way up to 144 x 60 inches. However, Thinlight engineers can also create custom LED light panels to fit your space, no matter how big or small.

The graphics that are placed in Thinlight panels are covered by an acrylic sheet that is designed to mimic glass – with a couple differences. Because acrylic is a fairly soft material, there is virtually no reflective glare on the panel. That means that your graphic will be clearly visible in almost any lighting situation. Acrylic is also significantly lighter than glass which allows for larger panels and means they are lighter and easier to mount.

Lined with strips of LED lights that project light evenly throughout the acrylic cover, Thinlight light panels offer an even lighting without dark spots or shadows, and with a lifespan of over 11,000 hours of continuous usage, your light panel will be reliable and around for the long-haul.

Flash/Fade Technology

Thinlight LED light panels also feature flash/fade technology which allows customers a wide range of options for adding extra interest to their graphic. From creating the illusion of movement to highlighting products with sequential lighting, the engineers at Thinlight will be able to help you create a custom LED light that’s right for your next event or convention.

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