ThinLight Backlight Panels Make Backlight Easy for 2019

ThinLight Custom LED Backlight Panels are manufactured in the USA.  First, light uniformity is the most difficult part of any lighting project.   Our patented laser etched panels are the most uniform in the industry.   Second, we make backlight projects easy with the uniform light output.  In conclusion, ThinLight LED panels make backlight easy.  Finally, focus on the beauty of the project, not the hot or dark spots from uneven lighting.

US Bank Stadium – Backlight Panels

Most noteworthy, custom sizes are always part of backlight projects.  First, sketch your outside dimensions.  Next, we send you back a CAD drawing for approval, it’s that easy.  ThinLight engineering will recommend a power cord location. Size the ThinLight UL Certified Power Supply.  And certify LED Backlight to ETL standards. 

Furthermore, we anodize all our aluminum extrusions and have colors to fit your needs.  In addition, we offer a wood grain finish or custom colors.  Lastly, we offer a full line of options to make your project a success.

LED Panels lead-time is 2 weeks.  By the same token, the official start time is receipt of PO and approved CAD drawings.  Installation is easy with pre-drilled mounting holes.  Custom holes, brackets, and hardware are available per your request.

Finally, to make the perfect LED panel, power is a major consideration.  At ThinLight, we manufacture a flicker-free power supply with built-in dimming.  Bright LED’s during the day can be blinding at night.  Problem solved with ThinLight power supply.  You will have clean flicker-free, the dimmable power to make your project perfect.

We invite you to see our facility prior to your project.  We have highly accurate CNC lasers, CNC Saws, and CNC machining equipment

Sales: 855-622-1972

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