Lighting Design in Warehouses

Selecting and correctly executing the lighting design in a warehouse or large building can play a major role in the function and usability of the space. Low lighting can make it difficult for employees to safely complete their work. Likewise, dim areas or dark shadows can quickly become workplace hazards. On the other hand, selecting lighting that is too harsh or bright can become uncomfortable for workers over long periods of time. LED lights have become the lighting source of choice for many facilities because of their energy efficiency, long lifespan and the even lighting they provide.

LED Lighting design

Choosing the right LED lighting design for your warehouse can improve safety and efficiency in the workspace and maintain employee comfort and satisfaction.

Lighting design options

Selecting the right lighting design will largely depend on your space and needs. It is important to evaluate your lighting needs in each area of your workspace and design your lighting accordingly. It is also helpful to consider the activity patterns in a facility, the design of the space, and the visual needs of employees. The size of objects being stored and the level of detailed work required will also play a factor in the level and type of lighting that would be best for a space.

LED lighting options

Overhead high bay lights are often used in loading areas that require general illumination for safety and easy visibility. Additional lighting may be installed as needed in some areas.

Low glare lighting is often a better option for workstations and allows office staff to comfortably read documents and work on computers as needed. Open storage areas and aisles may require good vertical and horizontal lighting.

Whatever your lighting needs, Thinlight can help you select a lighting design and the needed LED lighting products that will efficiently and effectively illuminate your warehouse or workspace.

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