Why You Should Convert To LED Downlighting

There are so many benefits to using LED downlighting in your warehouse or facility. In fact, it is hard to name them all. From energy efficiency to a longer lifespan, LED lights outperform other lighting options in many areas. One benefit that often doesn’t receive as much attention is the design flexibility that LED lights offer. LED lights can be arranged in countless ways using existing or new fixtures or retrofits to create a lighting solution that is right for your space. Other lighting options are much more limited in the ways they can be used and have limited design options.

LED lights can be designed or retrofitted to work in almost any setting in almost any commercial or residential building.

LED Downlights
LED Downlight By ThinLight Technologies Corp

LED downlighting

Thinlight offers custom LED downlighting for warehouses and facilities that want to improve their lighting while reducing their energy costs. Thinlight’s downlighting is available in two different designs and in five trim colors: white, black, copper, gold, and brushed nickel. Their LED lights are easy to install in any four to six inch recessed light fixture with an Edison plug. If that isn’t an option, the LED downlighting can also be wired into an existing system.

The LED lights are compatible with most Lutron and Leviton dimmers and also work with Traic controlled dimming. Thinlight’s LED lights are available in 3,000k and 4,000k color temperatures, giving you the option to select which lighting color you prefer for your setting.

Each Thinlight LED light has an average of 50,000 hours of use and are covered by Thinlight’s five-year warranty.

Additional LED downlighting benefits

Efficiency – LED lights require a fraction of energy compared to other lighting options on the market. Replacing your existing lights with efficient LED lights will significantly reduce your energy costs and improve your bottom line over the light’s lifespan.

Flexibility – LED lights are available in a variety of fixture colors and color temperatures. It is easy to customize your lighting to achieve the look that you want.

Low maintenance – Because of LED light’s longer lifespan, fewer hours and resources will be spent replacing used bulbs.

Saftey – LED lights are more durable and less prone to shattering due to accidental impact. They also produce virtually no heat and pose very little fire hazard.

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